Advantages over Fuel Oil:
While fuel oil is adequate for supplying heat, it cannot power certain appliances such as ranges and dryers. Fuel oil water heaters are not as efficient as propane models because their burner nozzles get clogged very easily and need frequent maintenance. They are also more expensive than propane-fueled water heaters.

Advantages over Electricity:
Homes that use electric power are not as energy-efficient as propane-fueled homes and are more costly to operate. Homeowners are also susceptible to power outages that not only leave you without light and without heat.

Advantages over Natural Gas:
While natural gas is a good source of energy for meeting the homeowner’s space conditioning and appliance needs, the majority of homes in our region are located beyond natural gas distribution systems. In addition there can be significant cost to the property owner associated with running gas pipes to the house. Propane gas, unlike natural gas, can be stored on the homeowner’s property. It is portable, self contained and accessible.

The Benefits of Using Propane Powered Equipment:

Propane Fireplaces
• Heat more evenly and efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces
• Are virtually maintenance-free
• Produce no ashes or soot
• Most models don’t require electricity

Propane Fireplace Inserts and Logs
• Eliminate the mess of wood-burning fireplaces
• Easy to operate (instant on/off)
• Provide that cozy fire glow and warmth
• Available in many sizes
• Produce fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gases than wood-burning fireplaces
• Are smokeless, keeping air inside homes clean
• Allow existing chimneys to be used for gas venting purposes

Propane Furnaces
• Provide air that is up to 25 degrees warmer than heat pump air
• Have operating lives of 15-20 years; approximately 10 years longer than comparable electric heat pumps
• Run in short intervals to minimize operating costs

Propane Water Heater
• Heats water twice as fast than an electric water heater
• Costs up to a third less to operate over the life of the equipment
• Can be used for traditional indoor appliances and outdoor uses like pools and spas

Propane Tankless Water Heaters
• Bring a new level of efficiency to home buyers by eliminating stand-by losses (the energy needed to maintain temperature in the tank when not being used)
• Have a life expectancy of more than 20 years.  Storage tank water heaters typically last 10 to 15 years and are labor-intensive to replace
• Take up less space than traditional water heaters; a big benefit to home buyers looking to conserve space in the garage, laundry room, or basement
• Increase the overall efficiency of your home energy use

Propane Dryers
• Less expensive to operate than electric dryers
• Quickly reach the temperature needed to dry clothes evenly
• Create a moist heat that is less likely to damage or discolor fabrics than electric dryers
• Operate and vent essentially the same as electric dryers thereby reducing the cost to switch to propane