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Couple Cooking with GasGet cooking with Freedom Propane! New customers get installation of a tank, hookup to an existing gas line, plus 50 gallons of propane for only $199.

According to a national survey, 96 percent of professional chefs prefer using a gas cooktop, and nine out of 10 would recommend that others use gas to cook as well.  Start enjoying the advantages of cooking with gas today!

Control   Gas stoves provide much better control than electric with instant changes to cooking heat levels with just the twist of a knob.  The ability to observe the blue gas flame and know exactly what your stove is doing is why many professional chefs prefer cooking with gas.

Speed   Gas burners supply full cooking heat almost immediately, while many electric stove take minutes just to warm up.  They also cool down fast to let you go from a boil to a simmer in seconds. That can make the difference between a perfect dish or starting over from scratch.

Flexibility   Gas stoves also offer more options in terms of cookware.  Woks and other types of specialty cooking equipment designed for use over an open flame work best over a gas burner.  Your favorite old pan may not be perfectly flat on the bottom and might not work on an electric range, but it should still work just fine on a gas stove.

“I’ve been in this business for more than 20 years and I don’t know of any professional chefs that prefer using electric,” said Brian Mattingly, executive chef at the California Culinary Academy. “We teach our more than 2,400 students to use gas ranges because they are easier to control, quicker to heat up, simpler to clean, and less expensive to maintain.”

Consumers purchase millions of cooking appliances every year with the intent of remodeling their kitchens. Even homeowners in rural areas can achieve the benefits of gas cooking by installing propane appliances.

“For chefs that do not have access to natural gas lines, propane is the best option,” continued Mattingly. “Either way, when deciding between gas and electric cooking appliances, there really is no question. Gas is always the better alternative.”

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