Empire Residential Zone Heaters

empire Heating LogoEmpire Heating Systems Residential Zone Heaters allow you to turn down the central furnace and heat just the rooms you use most. These systems also save your energy dollars by not suffering the heat-loss common in a long vent run from the central furnace. The heat that’s produced in the room gets projected into the room.

UltraSaver 90 Plus – The most efficient wall furnace available – Exceeds 90% efficiency
•   Choose 35,000 Btu or 17,500 Btu
•   Empire UltraSaver 90 PlusClean, Modern cabinet fits your decor
•   Cool-Touch cabinet prevents accidental burns
•   Vents with low-cost PVC or PolyPro venting
•   Simple control system is easy to learn and easy to use
•   Works with most programmable thermostats
•   Works at high altitude
•   Whisper quiet operation
•   Choose Natural or LP gas (Conversion kits available)
•   Made in U.S.A.

Simple Operation

For all of its technology, the UltraSaver90Plus is surprisingly easy to operate.  The built-in control panel lets you operate the wall furnace manually or set the temperature so the system maintains the desired temperature using its built-in thermostat.

Inside the UltraSaver90Plus

Empire US90 CutawayCreating Heat – The power-vent blower draws in an ideal charge of air (White Arrow) to support combustion.

The high-efficient in-shot burners generate the heat (Orange Arrows).  (Two burners in the PV35 and one in the PV18).  The two-stage heat exchanger consists of a large-diameter tube and multiple small-diameter stainless steel finned tubes.  Each transfers progressively more heat.

Cooled exhaust exists the heater via PVC (or Empire approved Poly vent pipe) at 110 to 120 degress F (Green Arrows).

Circulating Heat – The blower pulls room air (Blue Arrows) into the top of the heater and forces it across the heat exchanger.  The warm air (Red Arrows) exists throught the bottom louvers at the front of the heater.

Versatile Installation

Thanks to its super-high efficiency the US90 uses widely available 2-inch PVC pipe or Empire approved Poly pipe for venting.  Using PVC requires just a fraction of the material cost and labor involved in steel vent pipe.  PVC pipe fits easily inside a standard stud wall, eliminating the additional framing and clearances required for metal vent pipe.

Because the US90 has a power vent, the 2-inch PVC pipe can run up to 50 feet to terminate vertically through the roof or horizontally through an exterior wall

Exceptional Safety Features
• Sealed two-stage heat exchanger protects indoor air quality
• Electronic hot-surface ignition eliminates the standing pilot light
• PVC (or Empire approved Poly) venting system stays cool to touch, passes all high-wind test protocols
• Microprocessor continuously monitors all functions and displays a diagnostic code to allow faster repair (i.e. if the flue is blocked)

US90Plus – Perfect for: Sunrooms, Basements, and Room Additions; Vacation Homes and Cabins; Multifamily Housing, Lofts and Condominiums; Updating from Wood, Oil, Electric, or and Inefficient Gas Heater; Approved for Manufactured and Mobile Homes.