Pool and Spa Heaters

We are your one stop shop for setting up a more efficient way to heat your pool or for help when your existing unit requires service or replacement.  We sell and service most major brands of gas-fired pool and spa heaters, including Pentair, Sta-Rite, Hayward, Jandy and Raypak.

The New Pentair ETiTM 400 High-Efficiency Heater

Advanced technology from Pentair introduced the world’s first pool heater with a TitanTough™ direct fire pure titanium heat exchanger with the ETi 400, the longest lasting heat exchanger ever built. When you want quality, strength and durability in a pool heater and heat pump, look to Pentair.

Incredible 96% thermal efficiency — more heat gets into pool water faster!

The job of the heat exchanger is to capture the heat from burning gas and transfer it to your pool’s water—the more efficiently, the better. But, the combination of operating heat and pool water chemistry can be tough on exchangers, leading to corrosion and failure. That’s why we made the ETiTM 400 High-Efficiency Heater’s direct-fire heat exchanger from pure titanium. It provides long life under extreme conditions.

96% thermal efficiency saves more in energy costs than any other pool heater.  Best-in-class energy savings!

The ETiTM 400 High-Efficiency Heater pays big dividends by using fully condensing Heat Exchange Technology to put more heat into your pool water and less into its exhaust. That’s good for your budget and even better for the environment.