Tank Refills and Re-Certification

Freedome Propane offers some of the best prices in the area for tank refills and re-certification service.  We are also the only propane dealer in our local area offering propane tank re-certification services.

BBQ Tank Refill – $11.50

100 lb. Tank Refill – $61.00

Propane Tank Re-certification – $9.00

If you’ve ever arrived at another dealer only to be told that they will not refill your tank because it’s just over 12 years old, we understand how frustrating that must have been.  If you need gas in the BBQ tank for your grill it might be just an annoyance.  If you are a contractor trying to fill a 100 lb. tank to run appliances or provide heat on a job site, that might bring your work to a halt in the winter months.  That’s why Freedom Propane offers tank re-certification for just $9.00, while you wait.  We can fill a 20 lb. tank and have it re-certified in just a few minutes for about what some other places charge just to fill your tank.

Cylinders are subject to re-certification (also known as re-qualification) twelve years from their date of manufacture and every five years after that. For example, a cylinder manufactured in January of 2000 will have to be recertified in January of 2012 meaning if you take your bottle to the propane company in April of 2012 to be refilled, it will have to be requalified by authorized personnel before it can be filled.

The recertification process is simple and does not take too long to complete. Think of cylinder recertification as an inspection similar to that of your car. A vehicle has to be inspected annually so that it may continue to operate safely on the road. Similarly, a propane cylinder must be inspected so that it may continue to operate safely in LP Gas service.